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The Desert Southwest's Toughest


Trail Half Marathon


and 5 miler.

February 17, 2013 8am

Half marathon- $45 /  5 Miler- $25

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Welcome to Cat Foot Racing's Trail Half Marathon!


Spring 2013- February 17th, 8AM- Half start time

8:15 am 5miler start time- course has some overlapping of the half marathon.  It will be well marked!

This is a challenging and beautiful ~13.1 mile course in the Tortolita Mtns. in Marana. Just 20 miles from Tucson it is a convenient area to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Every 1/2 marathon participant will receive a t-shirt, breakfast and a participation award. Registration is limited so please register early. Paper application forms are available by download, contact me via email for any questions.

General Information:

The event will take place on dirt trails so please be prepared for loose rocks, steep climbs and other hazards. Race starts at 8:00am with a 4 hour time limit. Top Prizes: overall winners Male/Female places 1-3 to be followed shortly after leaders are in. There will be a participation award for all racers. Since the race is limited to 100 entrants everyone will get something.

There are two main water-stops on each course and there will be plenty of water and water-bottles at the start/finish. It is required that you take water either in a hydration belt/pack or water bottle! This is for your saftey, there are many long miles of open desert where we cannot set up water stations. Emergency personnel will be present on the entire course and a sweeper will follow behind, so if you need aid stay on the course and we will find you. This year we are placing mile markers every mile along the half marathon's course.


-Plan on car-pooling because parking is limited!

-Do not litter in the desert! Carry out what you pack in and no dumping empty water bottles on the course. 

-If you see any cattle stay away, go around them even if they are on the trail!

-Help anyone in need and watch for course markers, there have been a number of new trails made.

-If you use a headset, leave one ear bud out.  This helps saftey crew and other runners, Thanks!



>      Each runner is responsible for their own actions.  It is crucial that you are physically and mentally prepared for the stresses of the race.  We will utilize the local EMS services in case of a medical emergency.  Medical expenses incurred are the responsibility of the runner receiving medical assistance/services.  The remoteness of the trail and the distance between trail/road crossings will result in a substantial amount of time before medical personnel arrive to provide assistance.

>     It is important for runners to recognize the potential physical and mental stresses that may evolve from participation in this race.  These include, but are not limited to, extreme temperatures of heat and cold, hypothermia, dehydration, hyponatremia, renal failure, seizures, hypoglycemia, disorientation, total mental and physical exhaustion, etc.  Each participant must continuously monitor himself/herself and understand their limitations.  Remember that YOU, the runner, are responsible for your own well being during the race.

Packet pickup is available on Saturday February 15th ; 10am-2pm at Select Fitness, 5501 N Swan Rd Ste 150, Tucson, AZ 85718.You can pick up packet race morning as well be at least 60 minutes early, please. If you're late please call 520.834.7999 and we'll wait for you.

The events are timed and results will be posted online after the event. The events are small and low-key so please keep an open mind, be nice to your peers and have fun!







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