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Trail Half Marathon and 5 Miler Spring 2013-

Sunday February 17, 2013

What a great day it was for running!       

Wild Burro Trailhead -Marana

Congratulations to all the runners of the 2013 Trail Half and 5 miler!

This was the best turn out to date and some of the best runners I have seen.

Every runner in the half marathon course finished the race and did exceptionally well! A few took a wrong turn and ended up running between 10-11.5 miles, even though they ran short they still had great times and should be commended for their performances. See results page for the link...


The 5 mile course results are posted on the results page! We have to give special congrats. to a true champion Zoey D at age 10 took second place (49.35) in the women’s division to Anna H (46:39), and in third place Robin K (54:31).  Great job all!


In the men’s 5 miler, Joe D (38:08- yes Zoey's dad) took the first place spot with Francis H (41:00) in second and Guy R (46:37) in Third. 

With times like these you would have thought the course was easy but it is not!  There was a true showing of sportsmanship and real athletes of all levels out there this year, Thank you to everyone involved and hope to see you again!


Many Many Thanks to the great volunteers that were the real reason this event went so well.  There will never be enough thank you's to all of you who helped set-up, cook, run the aid stations, manage packet pick-up, time the event, cheer the runners on and clean up afterwards.  God Bless All!


* New trail map available for the Half marathon, go to the Half marathon page for download.

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Trail Running

Trail running generally takes place on hiking trails, most commonly single track trails, although fire roads are not uncommon. A distinguishing characteristic of trail running is that there is no pavement or roads except at the trail heads. The trails tend to traverse varying terrain; hills, mountains, deserts, forests, and narrow passages are common. Likewise, steep inclines or rough terrain sometimes may require hiking or scrambling. Runners participating in trail runs must often descend these same steep grades. It is not unusual for trail runs to ascend and descend thousands of feet.

Trail running in Tucson is as challenging as it can come.  Most of the mountains surrounding the Tucson area are steep with loose rocks.  Extra care should always be taken when trail running and having the proper gear is reconmended.

  • Clothing: The same technical apparel that you wear on roads works for trails, but choose something that you don’t mind getting dirty or snagged.
  • Shoes: Road shoes work fine for short runs. If you decide to stick with trail running, however, you’ll eventually want to get a pair of trail shoes. They offer a stronger, protective sole and greater stability (which is needed) than most road shoes. And while the idea of barefooting on trails is appealing, it’s smart to run a trail in standard shoes first to get a feel for how trails differ from the road and how sharp rocks can be.
  • Water bottle: If you’re not big on drinking from streams, you’re going to have to carry your water with you. A favorite among trail runners is the handheld water bottle that straps to the hand and has additional pouches for things like keys, ID, and food. For longer runs, consider a hydration vest.  Long dostance trail runners must be fully self sufficient for many hours.

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